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Helping Wonderful



Their Businesses.

Focused in the A/E industry, we build value by investing in culture, people, and results. Well beyond boardrooms, we’re hands-on.

Focused in the A/E industry, we build value by investing in culture, people, and results. Well beyond boardrooms, we’re hands-on.

Our Brands

Sixmo Architecture

Diverse market coverage in Northeast Ohio covering both the public and private-sector, including commercial, light-industrial, multi-family, aquatics, and code consultation.

Triumph Services

Full service engineering firm licensed in 40+ states with disciplines in civil, survey, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and material testing.

Brenner Design

Award winning WBE design firm in downtown Indianapolis with a 30 year track record of success in architecture, interior design, and procurement.


Integrated web development firm focused in the architecture and engineering industry and powered by full-stack developers with a strong emphasis on automation and AI.


The Mid-Ohio Valley’s premier collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs and small businesses scale their passions, hobbies, and dreams into provision.

Bright RED (Real-Estate Development)

A construction management advisory pursuing both speculative and consultancy based real-estate development. Focusing on the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and lifestyle improvements.

What We Do

At Sixmo Companies, we tap into the gears and levers that drive a company’s day to day functions.  By focusing on the culture, people, and results; we elevate a firm’s entire ethos. It’s a purposeful journey to the heart of genuine value. 

Here’s how we do it:

Executive Leadership

Steering a company’s direction, making top-level decisions, inspiring employees, fostering a positive and consistent culture and ensuring alignment with our core values.

Financial Stability

Ensuring robust financial health, managing budgets, safeguarding assets, investing wisely, mitigating risks, and planning for consistent long-term economic resilience.

Strategic Planning

Designing a roadmap for the future, analyzing market trends, setting goals and adjusting to unforseen challenges to ensure consistent growth and success.

Streamlined Operations

Enhancing efficiency, leveraging technology, eliminating bottlenecks, refining workflows, implementing best practices, and delivering consistent optimal results..

Business Development

Identifying potential clients, fostering strategic partnerships, entering new markets, maximizing sales opportunities, and ensuring consistent company growth.

Administrative Services

Providing essential support functions, managing HR tasks, ensuring regulatory compliance, overseeing facility management, handling documentation, and facilitating internal communication.

We build everything around our three core-values. The results speak for themselves. 



Zero claims since inception



Say it’s a great place to work



CAGR since inception

Our Values

Sixmo Companies

Updated August 2023.

Built on the commitment and consistency to our core values: Accountability, Growth, and Family.
Employees for every brand say this is a great place to work.
Built on the commitment and consistency to our core values: Accountability, Growth, and Family.


Feel management is competent at running the business.


Feel management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.


Believe management would lay people off only as a last resort.


Feel management is honest and ethical in its business practices.


Feel management recognizes honest mistakes as part of doing business.

Our Team

Jared Perry, PE
Partner : Head of Growth
Patrick Thornton, AIA
Partner : Head of Relationships
Aaron Mitchell, PE, SE
Partner : Head of Operations
Sheree Wilson
Operations Controller
Jared Perry, PE
Partner : Head of Growth
Patrick Thornton, AIA
Partner : Head of Relationships
Sheree Wilson
Operations Controller
Brett Hower
Director of Organizational Development
Jodi Masters
Operations Coordinator
Tessa Kotulock
Marketing Coordinator
Stephen Schofield
IT Manager
Greg Sandhage
Business Development Associate

Who We Are

Our Roots

Founders Jared Perry and Patrick Thornton began working with each other in 2008 at a consulting firm in Westlake, Ohio. After several years of working on projects together; the stars aligned one night at a sushi bar where the two discovered that they were both on the verge of leaving that firm and hanging a shingle for themselves. It was in that moment that an idea was born and the reason why you are reading this today.

In the 10 years that followed, Jared and Pat started and organically grew their own A/E firm at a clip of 40% CAGR. As they thought about how they wanted to scale the next 10 years, they went back to the reason they struck it out on their own – to build a company worthy of someone investing their career.

Following this path, the idea for an integrated yet, seperate back-office was born. In a world of endless flag planting, Sixmo Companies zigs where others zag by maintaining a brand’s existing identity and focusing on providing clarity and consistency in the core values that guide the stewardship of our teams. This approach delivers a family of companies who have legacies and cultures that are all their own. Small teams under seperate brands scattered about the US whose core values are aligned with ours – that’s the dream.